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, tenor saxophonist Eric Alexander has come very far with his career in a short period of time.Following his first year of studying classical music at Indiana University as an alto player, Alexander picked up the tenor, made the switch to jazz, and the following year transferred to William Patterson College in New Jersey.Now there's a drum kit where the rugs were and the third grader's half-painted sarcophaguses (sarcophagui? Our year long theme is the study of Ancient Egypt (really? In case you don't know the story, it goes something like this: Jealous brother Seth decides to take down his brother Osiris.Builds him sarcophagus, convinces him to climb inside and suffocates him.We looked at symbols we see and recognize everyday (hearts, peace signs, smiley faces, etc.) and discussed how the Egyptians used symbols as well.Using a 3" by 4" piece of styrofoam, the kids chose a symbol that they felt related to their god and engraved it into the foam.Working with a partner, the kids printed for several art classes.

We simply decided at some point that we needed to start writing for our sextet and seeking out recording opportunities. AAJ: Of all your albums, which one are you most proud of?

Needless to say, to the average 10 year old, the stories are fascinating.

After learning about the Ancient Egyptian gods (with an emphasis on the fact that these are false gods), students were given a handout with a list of about a dozen gods, their back story and their image in profile.

After they chose one that piqued their interest, they began to sketch out their god in pencil and trace their lines in sharpie. I briefly chatted with the kids about coloring and let them have at it. After creating such beautiful drawings, I was disappointed that their coloring skills were lacking.

Or, rather, their art teacher had failed to teach them some important things about shading, value and blending. I created a colored pencil coloring sheet (don't stop reading, hear me out) that involved creating a gradation of values. Some got it and applied it to their drawings and some didn't.

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