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Beyond being the largest and most successful generation of all time, we also grew up during a period of unprecedented change.Now, as we reach our 60s and 70s, we are also one of the most sought after demographics for companies selling everything from cruises and retirement homes to makeup and clothing.Tech Boomers knows that nothing could be further from the truth.

I was born in England and lived in Canada, so, I always love reading their articles. They provide content for all people approaching, or already in, retirement.

I just want to reiterate that being a little organized in your sex life so as to have lots of sex without getting an STD or getting anyone pregnant is not difficult. I’m not going to rehash all the pregnancy prevention techniques here; today is about what to do after all of that, and you have a woman you’re seeing sexually telling you that she’s either pregnant or strongly suspects she is. Once you calm down, pull up a calendar and determine the last time (or times) you had sex with her.

If you ever have a serious scare where a woman is legitimately possibly pregnant from you, that means you were stupid and it’s all your fault. In a world with 11 forms of birth control, plus condoms, plus ovulation tracking apps, plus TRT, plus being able to control your own cock and pull out, plus vasectomy, there really is no excuse if you get a woman preggo by accident or seriously think you have. I have some experience here, in that twice in my life a FB or MLTR came to me saying she thought she was pregnant, or late on her period, or whatever. Women, particularly younger women, “think they’re pregnant” all the damn time. good advice for any surprising situation, by the way. From this, you can quickly extrapolate if it’s even possible the baby (if there is one) is yours at all.

That said, they are definitely one of the biggest websites for older adults.

In addition to their articles and the AARP Magazine, they also have a membership program that offers discounts on everything from travel insurance for seniors to meals at popular restaurants. My Itchy Travel Feet – This wonderful site challenges the idea that travel is only for younger people.

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