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October 31, 2017 PM This is a reconfirmation of the post from 2012? The school took a big hit because it lost a large number of students. You can expect to be paid on time but expect to always have excuses as to why so much money is being taken out of your monthly paychecks.

While the attack occurred, two of the three males at the campus huddled in the corner telling the lady being punched to get away from the crazy lady and come towards them. Sept 4, 2017 PM The owner started this hakwon 7-8 years ago.Paychecks are only partial for most employees, and you have to beg for the rest. He also insisted to all teachers they arrive earlier than their scheduled shift that was agreed upon in the contract. The man sometimes verbally abuses people by speaking negatively to his wife or female employees.They are not willing to assist you in making your class or classroom better.However, about a month after Id started and began to realize just how terrible the place was, I emailed her again about how they did me over on my contract by changing the terms, and she said theyd bullied her into finding a replacement for her because she was leaving and made her feel like it was her responsibility and threatened to deny her severance pay.Any Avalon that is not owned directly by the parent company should be avoided because then the XXXXX can do whatever they want.

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